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Hopeviews Crystal

3D Crystal Engraved Photo Customized Images Cube Style with Light Box

3D Crystal Engraved Photo Customized Images Cube Style with Light Box

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Crystal Engraved Personal 3D Cube Images to Dearest People at Extraordinary Moments

This is a specially designed crystal engraved art treasure for the dearest people. It uses high-quality first-grade K9 crystal in Cube forms and multi-layer precision engraving technology with up to 5 million laser points to carve patterns and text into the inside of the crystal block. The material is pure, transparent, and free of impurities. The section is simple and fashionable, reflecting the three-dimensional (3D) and artistic sense of the crystal block. Under the light of the base at night, the picture effect is exquisite and touching.

The product/service features:

Designed and made in the U.S., Previewing available upon request, Gift box packaging, Three (3) business days to ship, Accept thirty (30) days return or cancelation before shipping for refund except for the design fee.

Principle of crystal engraved 3D images:

With artistic means, the flat photo 2D image is converted into the 3D model at 180 degrees from the front, the spatial data is optimized and processed, then the laser scanning technology is used to engrave the 3D images into the crystal glass. The image is black and white but will not fade and wither and kept permanently.

We require good quality photos:

Always use a good late version of a cellphone and set up high-resolution to take photos. For multiple people taking photos together, stay close to each other. It is good if the face is more than a quarter of the original photo. We desire that the digital image is larger than 2M pixels. Please avoid photos that are too light or too dark, avoid shadows on the face, avoid yellowed/blurred/tom photos, avoid hats or accessories, avoid complicated hand gestures, and avoid face more than 20 degrees sideways. 

Size of crystal:

Small (S)          2.0"(wide) X 3.2"(high) X 2.0"(deep) for ONE person (free design)

Medium (M)     3.2"(wide) X 4.8"(high) X 2.4" (deep) for TWO persons (free design)

Large (L)          4.0”(wide) x 6.0”(high) x 2.4”(deep) for THREE persons (free design)

Important If the persons in the photo exceed the above limit, they will charge $10/person. Please contact Seller.

Light Base:

No Light Base for size Small

One Light Base for sizes Medium or Large

Built-in switch with three positions: Light stable, Light change, and on/off

(4-colors of White, Red, Blue, and Green) 

AAA 1.5V x 3 Battery (buyer provided), and Adapter/USB feed (cable provided)

The shipping package includes:

Crystal image box decorated as a gift

Light Box with cable

Gift card & envelope & Gift Bag

Ordering process:

  1. Choose the right size of the crystal and place the order online.
  2. Find a good photo that is high resolution and upload it through Seller’s email.
  3. In the email indicate whether you need the text line. If yes, you will pay for the additional fee of $20.
  4. In the email, indicate whether you like to keep the background of the photo. If yes, you will pay for the additional fee of $20. As default, we will remove the background of the photo.
  5. In the email indicate whether you need to keep the figures more than the specified. If yes, you will pay the additional fee of $10 per head.
  6. In the email indicate whether you like to have previewing. If yes, there will be up to two business days to handle the process. 
  7. Seller needs three (3) working days for design, make, and ship as the standard process.

Return policy:

This is a personalized product/service and we strive to satisfy Buyers, but we still consider accepting returns. 

  1.  If the Buyer cancels the order at the previewing, the Seller will refund except 15% to cover part of the design cost.
  2.  If Buyer cancels the order before shipping and after making, Seller will refund except 35% to cover part of design and engraving costs.
  3. Buyer will pay for shipping for the return.


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